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Go Native America was in the vanguard of initiating Tribal tourism on the Northern Plains. While some have written that we 'pioneered' the movement, in reality, we were among a handful of dedicated individuals and businesses that shared a common belief.

Go Native America engages only indigenous people to guide our guests, thus providing indigenous people with a platform to define themselves according to traditional beliefs and cultural imperatives.

In self-definition there is empowerment, and our guests benefit from that expression; historic and contemporary realities that are preserved and shared in the oral tradition.   And so we contribute to that most ancient of communicative patterns that binds us all - the human dynamic that allows us to relate to one another as human beings. There is laughter, pain, joy, beauty, love, loss and triumphs and tragedies. We are alive! And we will welcome you to travel with us to lands of outstanding beauty, to appreciate ancient cultures, and to interact with Peoples of astounding spirit.

We pride ourselves on taking small groups of visitors/guests, not “tourists” to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our journeys were initiated in consultation with tribal elders, spokespeople, and elected tribal council members, and we have become renowned for the way we conduct them. We were advised that by taking small groups, our tour members have a better chance of “touching the earth,” of hearing, learning, and understanding. In this spirit sacred rock art sites are preserved, sacred sites are protected, and the impact of places like Sand Creek and Wounded Knee are communicated in the context of events and consequences rather than as 'tourist attractions'.
Our policy is to stay in tribally owned and operated accommodations and businesses where possible, and as members of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association we ensure that our tour members have the opportunity to buy arts and crafts directly from Native artists in the Indigenous community; not only is this good economically for the individual artists and wider community, it is great for our tour members, as Indian art reflects Indian culture, and our guests truly receive an intimate window on Native culture when they interact with the artists. So, from employing Indigenous people, to staying in tribally owned accommodation, all the way through to ensuring that we fill our vehicles with gasoline from stations on the reservation, we contribute to the local, tribal economy.

So by now you are beginning to get the picture of what Go Native America is about, but here’s the important bit - you can travel with us knowing our fair trade philosophy and ‘green’ policies are routine to us; we work that way all the time, and simply by traveling with us you are making a contribution to Native American communities - which is why we are nominated by Responsible Travel since 2006 to 2011, and why we have been recommended by Tourism Concern for nearly two decades. When you travel with us you can relax and enjoy your time, knowing that we are constantly working to be sure that you have a unique experience - a fun, inspiring and enriching journey, that impacts tribal communities
in positive ways.
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