Media Reviews & Awards
Media Reviews & Awards
Steve Reevis - IDances with Wolves
Steve Reevis in "Last of the Dogmen." Steve also starred in "Geronimo: An American Legend," "The Missing," "Dances with Wolves," and
" Into The West."
"On a Go Native America journey we will welcome you to our homelands to experience our cultures knowing that you chose to travel with the right people, in the right spirit."
Steve Reevis (Blackfeet)
“We are bound for the Legend Rock Petroglyph Site, a towering boulder that Native Americans call Creation Rock. At the top of the ridge we come face-to-face with a parade of etchings - human and animal figures that remind me of the illustrations in Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are - pecked into the red rock face. The drawings come alive as our guide tells a creation story . . . The Go Native America experience lingers after the trip. From Wales, Gretchen Griffith-David writes: "We're home in body, but not in spirit." Back in New York City, I reflect on the sudden strangeness of my habitat, where nature is confined to parks and fenced-in sidewalk trees.”

“At Pine Ridge Lakota Indian reservation, I sat bareback on an Appaloosa pony. As I basked in the sweet South Dakota sunshine, I thought I’d found heaven on earth . . . The magnificence of it all brought tears to my eyes.”   

The Mail on Sunday (UK)

“Neither Hollywood nor the mainstream publishing industry is likely to tell you such stories – at least not accurately. That’s why Go Native America was founded (, to offer a series of tours that take participants deep into Indian Country to experience firsthand the sights, sounds, tastes and histories of America’s first inhabitants. And for many participants, the result is a journey not just physical, but emotional, spiritual and often life-changing.” 

Chicago Sun Times

"A wonderful insight into Native American culture with the spectacular backdrop of the West."
Condé Nast Traveler

“Sites like Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley have long been familiar icons. Monument Valley served as the backdrop for many of John Ford and John Wayne’s Westerns. Sarah (Go Native America co-founder) says she usually spends about five minutes apprising each new group of tourists of ‘John Wayne’s irrelevance to Native American history’ . . . Go Native America specializes in small-group trips to visit different nations, including the Lakota, Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Apache, Crow and Shoshone. Guests learn about the cultural history and impact of places like Sand Creek and Wounded Knee, and stay in tribal accommodations whenever possible.”
The New York Times

"Unique insights into the history, lands and cultures of native peoples, arranged in collaboration with tribal nations and their representatives."

Native Peoples Magazine

“We cover five states and several hundred years on our journey. The scenery shifts and changes: the expansive sky and sea of green gives way to the desolate moonscape of the badlands. And beyond the high buttes and deep gullies, we find the dappled shade of the pine forest. The days are long but we have abandoned our watches. Mesmerised by our guide, we are on ‘Indian time’ now.”
The Sunday Telegraph (London)

"Battlefields, forts and sacred sites usually off limits to the public are included on the tours."
The Times (London)

“An unforgettable experience.”

The Daily Express (UK)

“Deer Medicine Rocks, which erupt two storeys into the sky from a hillock, can make the most hardened sceptic wonder. The rocks are the last stop on a 12 day tour of the disregarded back roads and byways of the Native American history of South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Down one side of the rocks, a crooked cobalt streak has been scorched by an ancient lightning strike. Around the foot are carvings left by centuries of worshippers, soldiers and travellers. It was here, in 1876, that the Lakota chief Sitting Bull had a vision of soldiers tumbling into his camp, and carved this script into the stone . . . There are no signs on nearby roads directing traffic to this glorious, lonely place, no souvenirs available bar a brochure which doesn’t even contain the address.”

The Sunday Times (London)

“With Go Native America you find the authentic Native America as opposed to the fake, commercialized version."

Essentially America Magazine

“Go Native America do some excellent work giving people a taste of the ‘real’ rather than the ‘hype.'"

Sacred Hoop Magazine (UK)

"The Go Native America experience lingers after the trip . . ."
Nat Geographic 50 Top Tours
Nat Geo 50 Top Tours of a lifetime
2X recipient of National Geographic's "50 Tours of a Lifetime"
Responsible tourism award
Virgin Holidays "Responsible Travel" Award
Paul Morrison Guiding Award
Wanderlust Best Guide Award
BBCT TV Go Native America
As seen on BBC TV
“My most memorable Go Native America experience was at the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Our guide told the story with such passion and from such in depth knowledge that his presentation in combination with the landscape left me in awe. You can’t buy this kind of experience and you can’t get it through TV – you have to go – you have to experience this for yourself. There is no way to buy this; this is knowledge and wisdom and you have to experience it personally to touch it.”
Johnny Nelson
- Former undefeated WBO Cruiserweight World Champion,
WBF & WBU Cruiserweight and Heavyweight Champion
Johnny Nelson WBO World Champion
Johnny Nelson -
Northern Cheyenne Reservation
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