What Our Tour Members Say
Go Native America tour member Robert Cleary meets Ernie LaPointe, great-grandson of Sitting Bull, the legendary Lakota Sun Dancer, patriot and leader.

Above: Ernie LaPointe and Sequoia sharing with a Go Native America tour group.
Main Photo:Sitting Bull
This was my first trip alone to the USA, I was so nervous but I needn’t have worried. Go Native America made my trip to Native America the most wonderful experience ever. They certainly know how to teach the ways and leave you wanting more. I will come back, that’s for sure
Linda Jones, Surrey (England)

Without a doubt our guide must be unique within the umbrella term of ‘tour guide’. He lives the history of this stunningly beautiful, sometimes stark place with an intellectual and emotional honesty rare in the world of today.
Helen Sherrah Davies, Boston

Our guide was the most honest and sincere person I have ever met. Not only did he know everything that you could possibly know about the history of the people, he told it in a way that you live it. He knew locations that are not even mentioned on the map! I think I have been through every emotion – frustration, joy, anger, pain. This journey has been far more than I could have imagined. I will remember this man and the people that he introduced me to for the rest of my life. I hope we meet again.
Robert Cleary, London (England)

When our guides speak, the People – their history, their culture, their present-day strife – find a voice. On the battlefields, they conjure the thunder of hooves and the rattle of rifle fire; and at the sacred sites, even the rocks begin to sing.
Alexandra Ferguson, Travel Journalist

Our fellow travelers came from all corners of the globe, some returning many times for another journey with Go Native America.  Friendships were made between like-minded people interested in learning about Native American culture and adventure, and laughter became the order of the days. For those who do “Go Native,” you can be assured of a journey of the spirit and an adventure different from any other and that you won’t ever forget.
Sue Sutherland, Australia

Our guide was extraordinary. He was like a walking encyclopedia. He spoke with a lot of passion and showed us places no ordinary tour would do. You learn the differences between the tribes and the differences between their stories. This is not a holiday, it’s a lifetime experience.
Danielle van Gladbach, Netherlands

To travel with Go Native America is to see another world. A country, a history, a religion and a people that have refused to vanish under the terrible pressures of encroachment and inequality. There is no part of this world that the guides cannot offer some insight into, and their intimate connections with some of Native America's most significant people help what must be the best cultural introduction to America’s indigenous nations.
Sheridan Lunt, Bristol (England)

Go Native America expertly leads you on a spiritual and educational journey into beautiful North American Indian Country . . . the passion and knowledge is extraordinary . . . Go Native America is a true voice for the indigenous cultures.
Sherry Holmes, Virginia

I would just like to say thank you again; it’s quite difficult for me to put into words exactly the impact of my time spent over there has had on me. Since I have been home the true essence of my experiences have become so much a part of me, I am so grateful to have had the time with you all. I have met the most amazing people and fortunate to have made lots of new friends.
Vicki Howard, Australia

Ernie La Pointe, Great Grandson of Sitting Bull with tour member Bob Cleary
Sequoia and Ernie sing
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